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Her View

Her View

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91cm x 61cm
mixed media on canvas
framed in Tasmanian oak

Dalin Alejandrino presents her new body of work PROVINCIAL SUNSET, an ode to her cultural heritage and ancestral roots. The artworks convey the interactive relationship between sacred memories and reimagined landscapes, with 20% of artwork sale being donated to AusCam Freedom Project.

Driven by concepts of searching for identity and connection, the artist attempts to find contrast and harmony against Cambodia’s provincial countryside, rice fields and sky. This solo exhibition evokes themes of home and belonging, as well as estrangement from land and family.

The artworks have emerged as gestural palettes and spontaneous brushstrokes which symbolises the evolution and progression of the artist’s creative practice. Through her exploration with colour and subtle textures using glass beads, one senses a deep yearning to reconnect back to country and witness the glowing sunset hues.

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