About the artist

Dalin Alejandrino is an emerging abstract artist who creates subtle textured artworks, each embodying a sense of wonder and beauty in nature and its forms. Currently painting from May Street Artist Studio in Sydney, her abstract expressionism is characterised by muted undertones often contrasted with sunset hues grounded in the delicate use of colour and mix media.

Intuitively delving into the unknown when painting, Dalin draws on themes hovering between past and present, family and home, land and country. She utilises layer upon layer of acrylic, a mix of medium paste, ceramic stucco, blended fibre and fine sand textures to create her pieces.

Dalin’s artistic practice is self-taught. She was a Cambodian refugee with her family having migrated to Australia in 1987, and often draws inspiration from her motherland. That estrangement from land and family is where she draws her emotions while paying homage to heritage and provincial life.

“Art speaks volumes to our soul, when elevated against a quiet backdrop these artworks tell a story about people and places.” – Dalin


October 2022 - Hunter & Folk Group Show at Rainbow Studios, Sydney

May 2023 - Solo Exhibition ‘Provincial Sunset’ at Cafe Parker, Sydney

2007 - Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications), University of NSW