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40cm x 50cm

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, framed in Tasmanian Oak.

This original artwork is part of Dalin Alejandrino's 'From Being' body of work. 'Epiphany' conveys conversations the artist experiences in her mind and the moment she arrives at contentment with being uncomfortable with the process. She tells herself to let go and just paint.

Artist Statement

'From Being' is a body of work born into existence from being still and listening to the universe. Following my artist’s intuition and being ever present in the moment, I picked up my brushes and palette knives and simply painted. The artworks are a representation of my life at the time of making this collection. The works are a visual metaphor for the way we interact with the world, our environment, and our place in it. While the works are painted out of creativity, they are also gestural palette and brush strokes of patterns found in nature like the peeling bark on a tree. I continue to develop my signature style, leaning into the subtle neutral tones and soft textures through the use of mixed media.

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