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Moth'er Renewed

Moth'er Renewed

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120cm x 90cm
Mixed media on canvas
Framed in Tasmanian oak

This artwork was part of the Hunter & Folk and Rainbow Studios inaugural group show in 2022. 

Dalin explores the notions of rebirth and transformation through her use of textural mediums bursting with diversity and colours of the rainbow. Mother Nature is ever present in this artwork and so is self. The artist examines concepts of land, renewal, and diversity while also exploring the ideas of renewal of self as a mother and the vulnerabilities of this changing journey. By taking multi-layered meanings, the result is a more refined and subtle approach to her work, evoking a feeling instead of the obvious forms. The renewal of the land in all its beauties is calming and the knowing that nature’s rhythm and its cycles continue no matter what is powerful.

Moth’er Renewed consist of a myriad of mediums building texture and dimensionality, encompassing acrylic, moulding paste, fibre paste, pumice gels, resin sand, ink, spray paint and oil sticks. The deep browns represent the Earth’s desire to burn and renew, the shoots of greens offer growth, while the brightly coloured textures symbolises regeneration of life and hope of endless possibilities.

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